“The meat is the best part of the entire meal, charred from the flames, light on the seasonings, good thickness, and excellent flavor. High quality meat…enough said.”

“Top-shelf beef and turkey burgers are really delicious, broiled over volcanic rock and served on wonderful soft-chewy buns that complement the hearty texture of the meat. The huge (20 ounce) shakes are creamy and uncloying (the raspberry is especially good); and the garlic fries are crisp and delicious.”

“Mo’s excels in the area of the turkey burger, a lighter variation on the cowish classic. Given their leaner nature, turkey burgers tend to the dry and perfunctory, but Mo’s are juicy and touched with just enough herb and spice to bring out the meat’s subtle flavor. Grilled over volcanic rock (no kidding!), it’s a smoky triumph. You can get it dolled up with bacon, chili, jalapeño, avocado, barbecue sauce, or five different kinds of cheese; we like the mushroom burger, in which the fungi are sautéed in garlic, onion, and white wine, draped over the burger, and served on toasted house-made buns with Mo’s own mustard-laced mayo. (The beef burgers, ground daily on the premises from center-cut corn-fed Angus, are excellent as well.)”

“There may be a picture of The Three Stooges on the wall, but the burgers here are serious business. They are big, juicy and cooked to order with toppings that include the classics like cheese, mushroom, and jalapeno pepper. The fries are great, too, crunchy and served in quantity by a counter staff that knows its way around a grill and a clientele made up of tourists and locals. The place is still laid out like the ice cream parlor it used to be, making the small space more utilitarian than cozy, but the food, including deer and buffalo burgers as well as chicken kabobs, is terrific, so who cares?”